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Funny T-shirts

The ADHD Youth Shirt - $16.99

Adult ADHD t shirt. The best excuse ever. This funny attention deficit hyperactivity disorder t-shirt is a real crowd pleaser. Everyone gets a good laugh with this mock up of this funny attention deficit disorder t-shirt! The adhd shirt goes great with our Squirrel ADD shirt!

Roar I'm a Bear (Sloth) T-Shirt - $16.99

Sometimes, we've all wanted to be something that we're not. If you're a sloth, you're cute, but you're not exactly powerful, large, or intimidating. Because of all that, we wouldn't be the least bit surprised if a sloth every thought about what it would be like to be a huge, ferocious bear. Roar! Don't worry though Mr. Sloth, we know who you are on the inside, and we love you for it! This super soft ringspun cotton tee is available in men's, women's and youth styles. Our men's tees come in sizes small through 4XL. Our youths come in small through XL. Our ladies slim fit style goes between small through 2XL, but tend to run a bit snug. We wanted to make sure that we let you know so that you won't be as surprised as the bears when they see a confused little sloth show up to the meeting place.

World's Passable Tolerable Okayest Sister - $16.99

In case you're not hip to it already, PTSOS stands for passable, tolerable, satisfactory, okayest, sufficient. With this new snazzy tee from CrazyDog T-shirts, it's the perfect way to describe that sister who sometimes gets on your nerves, but you put up with them anyways. Wait, isn't that every sister pretty much? Now now, before you get all upset at us, think about the point of view of who is going to be giving this shirt as a gift. It's probably not going to be another sister. No, this ringspun cotton tee is something that a brother would give. Whether she is an older or younger sister does not matter much. Everyone can be a pain in the butt to someone else, which is why we came up with this new design here. Available in both women's adult slim fit and youth regular!

I Would Workout But I Like This Dad Bod T-Shirt - $16.99

There is nothing better than a dad bod, except for maybe someone who is in really, really good shape. But that isn't the point. You COULD workout and flex your butt off, but you really like your dad bod. If that's the case kind sir, then we suggest that you take a good long look at our brand new "I Would Workout But I Like This Dad Bod" tee. Pretty cool, isn't it? Yeah, we think so! This high quality ringspun cotton shirt comes in sizes small through 4XL. Sorry ladies, but this one isn't for you. Well, you could wear it if you wanted to. We promise that we won't tell anyone if you really want to buy one. Heck, to be honest, we just want to see awesome people wearing our tees.

Can't Stop The Beet T-Shirt - $18.99

Here at CrazyDog T-shirts, we love beats as much as we love beets. (See what we did there?) In either case, they cannot be stopped. And when it comes to the shameless puns, neither can we! Know someone who spends their time rocking out in a band on stage? Do they long for the perfect shirt to wear in front of the chanting and cheering crowds? Well, now you can sit back and relax, because we've just giving you the coolest gift idea ever. This cool t-shirt is perfect, whether they play guitar, drums, or sing lead vocals. This adorable shirt is available in both men's and women's slim fit. Worried about finding the right size? Well, stop worrying, and start rocking out, because this tee is available all the way up to a men's 4XL. Pretty cool, isn't? This ringspun cotton number features a completely original design that is only available on this website. Why settle?

I've Got Bad News Infant Tee - $18.00

Mom? Dad? I've got some bad news for you. It's poop! If you're a parent, then you know this routine all too well! It's something that you have to deal with. Thankfully your little boy or girl is cute enough to make it worth the while! If you want something adorable for your child, make sure that you check out this new infant tee from all of us here at CrazyDog T-shirts! Do you have a little girl or boy who seems to love nothing more than making a mess in their diaper? This new infant shirt is for you! We made this comfortable cotton tee available in four sizes, ensuring that whether your baby is three months old or two years old, you'll have no trouble finding the right size!

If These Are My Parents I'll Stay Here Maternity Shirt - $19.99

Well, we can't choose our parents! If we could, well, none of us would choose Brad and Angelina. We don't care how much freaking money they have. There are some houses that are just too crowded!! Anyways, now that we got that off of our chest, we wanted to take some time today to show off our brand new "If These Are My Parents, I'll Stay Here" maternity tee. Isn't it adorable? We've all tried to imagine a thought bubble coming from the baby bump at least once. We just took that concept, and put it on a beautiful ringspun cotton maternity shirt. This tee is available to order in sizes small through XXL, and comes with ruched sides that will help to ensure maximum comfort. If you want a funny t-shirt that will get giggles wherever you go, we think that you should give this one some serious consideration.

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