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Fine Art Prints Irises Iris Flower Wall Art Decor - $18.98


Irises Art, Iris Flower Art, High Quality Giclee Fine Art Prints, Canvas Prints, Framed Art Prints, Greeting Cards Irises Art, Garden Art, Ladybugs, Flower Art Series, Baslee Troutman Art Collections

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Art Prints from original Acrylic painting on canvas. ORDER impressive high quality prints, canvas, framed prints, many sizes, options here at Imagekind or order other sizes of prints directly through artist NOW at, Well-liked favorite art with sharp, vivid colors, fine details. We love hearing how much you’re enjoying your art prints.

Baslee Troutman “DAY STAR GARDEN” Flower Art Collection Series

Fish, Wildlife, Flower, Landscape & Garden Artist

“Bearded Irises Along the Ladybug Path” Iris Flowers, Garden, Nature, Botanical Art

Home Office Wall Décor Corporate Gifts Art Gallery

Artist STORY - What the eye can see from afar, is a beautiful, captivating Iris stand. Feeling fortunate having come across the opportunity to enjoy it’s color and design. We are drawn closer to see the main focal point, stopping to look at the Iris flower itself, glowing from all of our attention. What more could there be? We are conditioned to see it, assess it, file it and move on, always on the go. There are a few Irises among the structure, along the path, waving to us to be seen, waiting for us, holding a few surprises. Lean in & give it a little bit more time, to see the secrets that lie just below the surface of what stands out for show. While we walk along the stone garden path, stop and breath, look and talk, point and share. Look closely and you’ll see sleeping ladybugs ...


Autumn Trees art prints Fall Trees Leaves - $11.38


Autumn Tree FALL ART, AUTUMN LEAVES, Fall Trees, Colorful Red Orange Leaves, Art Print, Canvas Art, Framed Artwork, Greeting Cards. Baslee Troutman Fine Art Print Collections, Autumn Art Series
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Baslee Troutman Art Collections. High Quality Giclee Fine Art Prints for Home Décor, Office Art, Corporate Artwork. High Quality Giclee Prints. Huge Selection of sizes, paper substrates, starting under $25
Great GIFTS for the Holidays, MOTHER'S DAY, Valentine’s Day, Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Christmas gifts, Wedding gifts, Housewarming gift, Retirement, Welcome gift, Thank you gift, Office gifts, Client gifts, Employee Gifts.
Baslee Troutman Artist’s Website

High Quality Art Image Products at Baslee Troutman Zazzle Art Gifts Galleries


Bushido - Samurai, Brown Japanese Art Prints - $13.28

"Title / Japanese Kanji: Bushidō - Samurai, Red Wall Art

Artist: Soniei (

Style: Japanese Art

Subject: Bushido, Samurai Art

Collection: Warrior Art Collection

Contemporary Japanese warrior abstract painting in dark red (wine) and white. The Japanese calligraphy (kanji) is bushidō (sometimes written as bushido or bushidou) and samurai.

The original Japanese painting was made with artist-grade acrylics on canvas and then digitally enhanced. This artwork was created by the Canadian contemporary artist, Soniei.

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Divine Pink Flower Stretched Canvas Prints - $11.86

*TAGS: Flowers, Pink, Divine, Happy, Feminine, Scared, Nature, Girl, Exotic, Spirituality, Metaphysics, Healing, Awakening, Oneness, Unity, Earth

Framed Prints Tecumseh Poem - Act of Valor Movie - $26.57

"This is the Tecumseh poem from the end of the incredible movie ""Act of Valor"". Many of you were moved very deeply by both so we were compelled to design a wall hanging that was perfect for the piece. Let us know if we hit the mark. Thank you"

Genoa Italy Vintage Travel Poster Ad Retro Prints - $11.38

These are retro vintage poster artwork that vintage, nostalgia, and retro collectors want. Buy it and own a piece of history with this bright colorful old-fashioned art from the past era. Poster advertising or proposing a travel destination, or simply artistically articulating a place have been made.

OFFICE ART Framed Prints Hydrangea Flowers - $11.38


OFFICE ART, HYDRANGEA FLOWERS Art Prints, Hydrangeas blooming in Botanical Art Garden, Professional Office Art, Summer Hydrangeas Art Prints, Corporate artwork, Canvas Art, Framed Artwork, Greeting Cards.
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Baslee Troutman Art Collections. High Quality Giclee Fine Art Prints for Home Décor, Office Art, Corporate Artwork. Huge Selection of sizes, types, starting under $25

Great GIFTS for Clients, New employees, Conference room art, Waiting rooms, Executive office art, Reception room art, Retirement gifts, Thank you gift, Get Well, OFFICE DECOR.

Baslee Troutman Artist’s Website

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