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Lifesmart LS21-2W-BPIQT Air Commander III Small Room Infrared Tower Heater - $59.95

The Lifesmart LS21-2W-BPIQT Air Commander III Infrared Space Heater is an excellent choice to use as a supplemental heating source during the cooler weather months. It features three vertical quartz infrared elements that provide quick, even and effective heat distribution within a small to medium-size room. The infrared technology emits a warm, soft natural glow and warmth for a cozy and inviting ambiance. This electrical space heater features a digital display that shows the current room temperature, and a convenient manual thermostat dial that controls the two heat settings: high/low and fan mode only. The sleek tower design has a cool touch black metal exterior cabinet with a dark oak finish base that will fit with any decor. This compact room space heater also has an over-heat shutoff and tip-over switch for added safety and peace of mind. The lightweight construction allows for easy portability so users can easily move it from room to room.

Source Green by LifeSmart R21-2W-IQT Space Heater Wood 1500w (Refurbished) - $54.95

The Source Green R21-2W-IQT Heating Tower/Fan gives you the warmth you want, when and where you need it. 1500-watt heater with three infrared elements provide virtually instant heat, efficiently and evenly. Dark oak wood cabinet. Two heat settings with fan-only mode, room temperature display, manual thermostat control, tip-over safety feature and more Manufacturer Refurbished

Source Green by Lifesmart R-2PC-1000B Space Heater 1000w Black (Refurbished) - $54.95

The Source Green by LifeSmart R-2PC1000B Space Heaters are energy efficient and convenient to use. The “Cool Touch” exterior cabinet makes the LifeSmart Heater safe for kids and pets. The Infrared Heater Technology warms nearby objects and people in the rooms used most often and does not use carbon combustion. When used as a secondary source of heat, the LifeSmart Heater is a SMART choice! This is a refurbished item.

Lifesmart LS31-CIQT-MW-IN Lifelux Extra-Large Room Infrared Space Heater - $90.35

This LifeSmart Lifelux LS31-CIQT-MW-IN Extra-Large Room Infrared Heater/Fan 31" Tower is ideal for year-round use. Featuring 60 degree broad range oscillation technology, this tower provides supplemental infrared warmth or cooling fan air in an extra large room. Three long quartz-infrared elements utilize precision wrapped element technology to provide a faster and more effective heat output than other space heaters. The portable infrared heater also never compromises the room's oxygen or humidity levels and allows you to provide supplemental zone temperatures instead of heating/cooling the entire house. Three heat settings plus a programmable timer and temperature control are user-friendly via a button control panel or the remote control (2/AA batteries not included). And, during warmer months, no need to put the unit into storage. You can simply switch to Fan Mode with 2 settings to circulate cooling fan air out into the room space. The modern furniture-grade wood cabinet design with black face accent is cool to the touch, so placement is safe to be near children and pets. Other great features include an ionizer function to aid in purifying room air and a lifetime washable filter. This heater is also equipped with a child safety lock feature keeping little hands from inadvertently pressing buttons on the control panel or remote control. Finally, roll-around casters allow for fast and easy room-to-room portability.

Source Green by Lifesmart R2001FRP13 Fireplace Heater 1500w (Refurbished) - $94.95

Snuggle up to a cozy fire without the hassle of a real one! The Source Green by LifeSmart R2001FRP13 Electric Infrared Fireplace Heater uses three infrared tube elements to heat rooms up to large room. The light merlot finish wood mantel and realistic flame effect will enhance any decor. Two heat settings, digital LED display, thermostat control system, large remote control with raised buttons for easy operation, tip-over safety feature and much more. Manufacturer Refurbished

Lifesmart Lifelux LS19-IQH-M Large Room Infrared Tower Heater - $60.82

The Lifesmart LS19-IQH-M heater gives warmth you want, when and where you want it! Four wrapped infrared heating elements provide virtually instant heat and the balanced, stream-of-air output means more even heat throughout the room, as well. Classic maple wood cabinet goes well with any décor. Features three heat settings including eco mode, ionizer, digital LED display with raised buttons, programmable on/off switch, large remote control with LED indicators, safety shutoffs, metal casters for easy moving and more.

Source Green by LifeSmart R-2PC-1000 Space Heater 1500w Black (Refurbished) - $59.95

The Source Green by Lifesmart R-2PC-1000 Infrared Heater gives you the warmth you want, when and where you want it! Four wrapped infrared heating elements provide virtually instant heat and the balanced, stream-of-air output results in more even heat throughout the room. Clean all-black design goes well with any decor. Features three heat settings, digital LED display with raised buttons and large remote control for easy operation, programmable on/off switch, thermostat control system, safety shutoffs and more. Manufacturer Refurbished

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