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Evolve Golf Vireo S3 Golf Tees (35 pack) - $5.95

Evolve Golf Vireo-S3 Tee (35 pack) Vireo golf tees represent the intersection of tradition and sustainable design by Evolve Golf. Vireo tees feature a smooth rolled edge. The cup of the Vireo is slightly wider and deeper than the typical wooden tee making it easier for a golfer to tee their golf ball. Evolve Golf - maker of Epoch, the #1 performance tee on the PGA Tour - introduces its Vireo-S3 model, featuring a wider, deeper cup for greater stability than traditional wood tees and the revolutionary Sweet Spot System promoting increased distance and accuracy. Constructed completely from environmentally-friendly materials, Vireo-S3 is the latest tee to feature Evolve Golf's groundbreaking marking system and coinciding proprietary Internet application showing the proper tee height for consistent alignment between the golf ball and driver's sweet spot.

Evolve Golf Epoch Golf Tees - White - $6.95

Evolve Golf Epoch Golf Tees Evolve Golfs innovative Epoch golf tees are sweeping the PGA, LPGA, Champions, and Nationwide tours as the world's best golfers experience increased distance and accuracy over traditional wooden tees. The new Evolve Golf Epoch Tees come in different packages: * (40) - 3.25" tees, (10) - 1.50" tees * (40) - 2.75" tees, (10) - 1.50" tees * (10) - 3.25" tees, (5) - 1.50" tees * (10) - 2.75" tees, (5) - 1.50" tees * (15) - 1.50" tees Details: * Used by more than 300 Tour Professionals * 22 Tour victories & over 300 Top 10's * 93% less surface contact than wooden tees * Biodegradable * Conforms to USGA & R&A Rules Epoch Golf Tee Two years of research and development, utilizing the latest advances in biotechnology material science and aerodynamic surface geometry, has produced a tee that reduces backspin and sidespin deflection while adhering to the traditional form factor of the golf tee. The Epochs convex radius posts, which are wider than any golf ball dimple, allow the tee to only interact with the exoskeleton of the golf ball. This reduces surface contact by 93 percent, compared to wood tees, allowing Tour pros to achieve distance and accuracy lost due to the wood tees inferior design. Evolve Golf's tour-proven Pure Launch Technology enables the golf ball to launch without negative influences. The Epoch has been the tee of choice for professional golfers with 111 top 20 finishes on the PGA Tour including, 56 top 10s, 28 top 5s, and victories at The Bank of America Colonial and U.S. Bank Championship. "After hitting a few drives with a wooden tee and then changing to the epoch, I felt a significant difference. The epoch looks and feels like a traditional tee while in your hand. As soon as the ball leaves the tee you know that this is something special," said Brett Quigley, PGA Tour Professional "It felt as if the ball came off hotter with less spin. Evolve Golf has introduced a great concept that actually works and does what it is intended to do. I believe for the better player it will provide noticeable benefits," said Arron Oberholser, PGA Tour Professional. Until now, the Epoch performance golf tee has only been available in prototype form to professional golfers. Evolve Golf's biocomposite material is 100% biodegradable. The fact that the epoch golf tee combines superior performance with a renewable energy source derived from plants; and reduces maintenance costs for golf facilities, represents significant steps forward on several fronts. Just as the introduction of the metalwood driver 25 years ago marked the impending extinction of the persimmon wood from the PGA Tour, the introduction of the epoch is sure to represent such a quantum leap forward in tee design and performance. It likely marks the beginning of the end for wood tees on the PGA Tour in the years to come. With the growing popularity of deep-face drivers pushing demand for 3" tees, the Evolve Golf Epoch-3 Tee is soon to be everyone's tee of choice. If you have any questions about this product or would like to order by phone, please call us Toll Free at 888-733-8383. We look forward to hearing from you!

The Rope It Golf Ball - Personal Golf Driving Range - $19.95

The Rope It Golf Ball - Personal Golf Driving Range The Rope It Golf Ball - Backyard Practice Range is specifically designed for golfers to practice and improve their game, in a limited area. The Rope It lets you practice your swing and improve your iron game within the comfort of your backyard. An incredible practice aid, The Rope It utilizes a real golf ball and allows you to visualize flight path of the ball beyond 20 yards! Practice with The Rope It is convenient, affordable, effective and most importantly fun! * A golfer can easily see when they are hitting a slice or hook by the visual feedback and feel of the ball off the club face. The ball flies straight and the shot feels pure when the ball is struck well. * Golfers of any skill level will b enefit from Practice Golf At Home with the Rope It. Try it and you will be amazed by just how addicting it is. How To Use The Rope It Golf Ball * The Rope It was designed for use with your mid-irons, Six, Seven, and Eight. DO NOT use with Hybrids, Fairway Woods or Drivers. * Inspect the Rope It carefully for any damage before each use. DO NOT use if product is broken or damaged. Instructions: * Use in a practice area of at least 20 yards. * Be sure people and object are not present in the practice area. * NEVER hit The Rope It towards people, or where people may be. * Test anchor and be sure it is secure before taking full swings. * Do not leave The Rope It outside. * For use on grass only. Frequently Asked Questions Q. Will it come back and hit me? A. No, it is safe if used properly. Q. What holds it to the ground? A. Tie it to a 5lb weighted object. Q. How does the ball feel? A. Like a common two piece golf ball. Q. How far does it come back? A. Half way if struck well.

Izzo Golf SunSpot Universal Golf GPS Solar Charger - $34.95

Features: Izzo Golf Sun Spot - Universal Golf GPS Solar Charger • Never run out of power on the course! • Self-charges in UV light (both indoors & outdoors) • Provides instant back-up power when needed - Perfect for emergencies • Easily portable - Fits right in your pocket! • Compact size - 3.75"x1.625"x.375" • Included:Carabiner conveniently clips onto your golf bag, 4 piece adaptor set. •Compatible with most:Golf GPS units, Cell phones,Digital cameras,MP3 players,Other USB charging electronics

Puma Golf Tech Junior Golf Shirt - Vibrant Orange - $29.95

Puma Tech Golf Polo Shirt - Junior Young golfers these days With a cutting-edge design and sleek style, this polo will have junior golfers playing their best and most stylish game. The wicking finish reduces moisture and cling, while the mesh panels allow for increased airflow. That means serious comfort when the green heats up. Features: Puma Tech Golf Polo Shirt - Junior • 100% Polyester for durability and comfort • U.S.P. Moisture Management System for advanced dryness • Three-button placket and collar for classic look • Embroidered PUMA Cat Logo for sporty style

Kangol Golf Lahinch Flex Golf Hat - Navy - $59.95

Kangol Golf Lahinch Flex Golf Hat Part of the Kangol Golf by Samuel L. Jackson range, the Golf Flexfit Lahinch is a vintage inspired bucket hat with branded leather patch and contrasting underbrim. Created from custom woven fabrics, the Golf Flexfit Lahinch is a blend of vintage style with modern functionality.

Kangol Golf Lahinch Flex Golf Hat - White - $59.95

Kangol Golf Lahinch Flex Golf Hat Part of the Kangol Golf by Samuel L. Jackson range, the Golf Flexfit Lahinch is a vintage inspired bucket hat with branded leather patch and contrasting underbrim. Created from custom woven fabrics, the Golf Flexfit Lahinch is a blend of vintage style with modern functionality.

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