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Honeymoon Hotel DVD-5 - $23.57

Welcome to the Honeymoon Hotel, a madcap 60s sex farce starring Robert Goulet, Nancy Kwan, Robert Morse and Jill St. John. Jilted at the altar by his fiancee, Cynthia (Anne Helm), Jay Menlow (Morse) is convinced to go on his honeymoon vacation with his best friend, Ross (Goulet), a shameless ladies man. Arriving at the Boca Roca Hotel, which only caters to couples, Jay hopes to patch things up with his would-be-bride, while Ross chases after the social director (Kwan), the resorts only single female. So when Ross girlfriend (St. John) shows up with his lecherous boss (Keenan Wynn), whos followed by his suspicious wife, Cynthia arrives as a surprise for Jay, and the true fun really begins.

Honeymoon Machine, The DVD Movie 1961 - $20.24

Tell us, Max, what are the facts? The Navy's test ' Operation Honeymoon ' of the on-board supercomputer Max and its ability to predict an ICBM's place of impact is a success. But Lt. Fergie Howard (Steve McQueen) wonders if Max can pinpoint something smaller ' say, the slot where a Venice casino's roulette wheel's ball will land? With the help of a programmer (Jim Hutton), the answer is you betcha! Major stardom was on the horizon when McQueen played the comedic role of a sailor eager to turn his shore leave into a gambling jackpot. Of course, where there's a port, there are girls (Brigid Bazlen and Paula Prentiss). And where there's a Cold War fleet, there's an admiral (Dean Jagger) suspicious about Max's strange bursts of signals. Bet on this lighthearted blend of gorgeous scenery, romance and laughter to break your entertainment bank.

Nightmare Honeymoon DVD Movie 1974 - $20.24

Newlyweds David and Jill Webb (Dack Rambo and Rebecca Dianna Smith) want nothing more than to consummate their marriage in New Orleans. But on their way to "The Big Easy," they witness a murder. And when the sadistic killer (John Beck) realizes he's been caught in the act, he knocks David unconscious and rapes Jill. Eventually, David learns the story of his wife's assault, and sets out on a relentless vendetta to find the rapist and his partner and bring them to justice. Also starring Pat Hingle, Nightmare Honeymoon is filled with plot twists, compelling performances, crooked cops and one man's unstoppable quest to right an unthinkable wrong.

Honeymoon (1947) (MOD) DVD-5 - $23.57

All they want is to say I do. But just to prove whos in charge, Cupid throws two lovebirds nothing but screwballs on their way to the altar. A few months after her wedding to John Agar, 18-year-old Shirley Temple stars as an on-screen bride in this breezy comedy set in Mexico City. Temple plays Barbara, whose prospective husband (Guy Madison), a GI, has a two-day pass to marry her. At least three days worth of complications ensue: a delayed flight, booked-up hotels, a jitterbug with the wrong partner, a right hook to the wrong chin, a fateful dip in a swimming pool. . .and a gallant (and older) American vice-consul who makes Barbaras heart beat a little too fast. Is she marrying the wrong guy? Expert farceur Franchot Tone plays the sophisticated vice-consul, who has his own fiancee to worry about. William Keighley, who proved his comedy mettle with The Man Who Came to Dinner and George Washington Slept Here, guides the fun.

Family Honeymoon DVD-5 - $22.82

In Family Honeymoon (1948), Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMurray star as a couple engaged to be married... but theres a hitch! Though it is the first time to the altar for Grant (MacMurray), his bride Katie (Colbert) is a widow with three children and their wedding ceremony becomes a comedy of errors. When their babysitter options fall through, the couple has no choice but to take the kids along on the honeymoon, leading to near-disastrous consequences. Creating an additional strain on the newlyweds is the unexpected arrival of Katies friend (Rita Johnson), who is in love with Grant and plots to break up the new marriage. Filmed on-location in the Grand Canyon National Park, Family Honeymoon is the 7th and final film pairing of two of Hollywoods most unforgettable movie stars.

Honeymoon In Bali DVD Movie 1939 - $13.34

On a visit to New York City, Willie (Fred MacMurray) falls for a pretty businesswoman (Madeleine Carroll) who is, unfortunately, more interested in running her successful Fifth Avenue shop than falling in love. But after an encounter with a fortune teller, she suddenly finds herself pursuing the man back on his home turf, in exotic Bali. Also released under the title "Honeymoon in Bali", this is a wonderful romantic comedy with a splash of great musical performances, to boot!

Once Upon A Honeymoon DVD Movie 1942 - $18.74

An American burlesque girl intent on social climbing unknowingly marries a Nazi in the guise of an Austrian Baron. When an American radio reporter tracks the couple down to investigate, she inadvertently falls in love with the reporter instead.

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